Recently,our country faced off a dire terrorist strike in jammu kashmir on Thursday. It was a terrible day for our country. We lost 40+ great soldiers’ life. Pakistan did dastardly activity from his side.

Why, Our country is grappling with terror attack after knowing that we are more powerful than pakistan. It is time to think about how to take revenge Death of 42 crpf soldiers. We should think about one more surgical strike.

If we want ,we can easily knock out pakistan’s name from the world map. pakistan wants to make our country weak from inside. Our government should take strict step regarding this terrorist strike.Our first priority should be our nation,nothing else , So government should provide each and everything to our indian army.

We don’t want any conflict such as mandir, masjid, reservation etc. We want devastation of Pakistan at any cost. Pakistan is a creator of terrorism then why don’t we take any action against pak. No more discussion no more protest. we want end of terrorism and it could be possible only by devastation of Pakistan.


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