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Aparchitexamwarriors.com is an E-Learning Platform and an Edu-Tech Online portal with an aim to “Simplify Exam Preparation”. Aparchit Exam Warriors is the one-stop solution for Students preparing for Government Exams.

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What We Do



We Coach.

We coach the students according to their dreams. Thus, we have given 300+ selection of students in banking main examination in last 5 months

We Speak.

 We made promise to our students to achieve their goals as soon as possible ,and we have given maximum selection from our paid group. You can see the proof on telegram in @Gadiscussion

We Write.

We guide the students after reading their dreams with our 100% dedication.


Hello Dear Aspirant this is Deep[Deepa] (LITTLE APARCHIT) Aparchits Sir’s younger brother you loved a lot my brother Aparchit sir .He had given several selection from his @gadiscussion gruop and he generate his identity from @gadiscussion among you and given 500+ selection from his @gadiscussion and paid group . Aparchit sir was a real warrior as you know that about him he made his identity across the country with very little age .And One day his breath was stopped .I had lost my completely live but when I come to you and saw you than I hold my self ,thought to do for you big thing I made my to see you success and made myself busy to generate the site WWW AparchitExamwarrior.com to reach my brother name at the top .
He was the best person in the world for me after him I did work hard and generate the website to provide you most effective GA material
You know very well your Kumar Sir has managed the group in well manners in absence of me.But Now he will make tha Aparchit Supper Current Affairs for our own website .And the Ga will be continued on http://www.aparchitexamwarriors.com.

From 1st Feb we are going to provide you Aparchit Supper current Affairs with statics facts , Daily pdf ,weekly pdf ,monthly pdf …as you loved Aparchit sir we wish you will also love us it our promise we will provide you India’s best current Affairs to get selected . You always like Kumar sir Ga content and he will always give his best content .
Time changes everyone but good relationship never end Thank you so much Kumar sir . Our efforts just for you and without you we can do nothing . we need your support and wishes we have taken this step just for you to reach at the top of tree with flying colours . I hope you will be continued with us and we promise always the result will be positive .



This is an initiative by Vipin Yadav (Aparchit) Who is Known as Aparchit by the people of India. He was the topper of TMU UNIVERSITY in his bachelor of Technology. Firstly, He has started with a telegram channel named Aparchit’s GA Discussion (@gadiscussion). He started mentoring students in the right ways to crack the Government Exams. He provided the best questions for pdf materials according to the exams.

The result of his hard work was very good. He has given 100+ selections at his very young age from his telegram channel. Soon, He became very popular amongst students. This website is a result of love and support from his students.

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